are temporary, peace-promoting art-installations at places, where people stay for some time, for example in hotels, museums, restaurants, café, but also more experimental places.

GIVE PEACE A FORM, said Robert Filliou, and together with René Block they called artists to Hamburg for a BIENNALE OF PEACE in 1985. My modest contribution at that time was the secret start of an omnipresent question: how can I give peace a form? peacearthotels are such a form, a place or perhaps a practical training field, which i will install – adapted to nearly any place in the world, where conditions are conveniant.

AWARENESS is a fundament for personal happiness, a respectful interaction with others and the condition for inner and outer peace.

PEACE is in danger where awareness is missing. Indifference, injury and transgression can lead to conflict – even up to war. We are responsible for peace: that peace is remaining, growing and soaking through our life.

I dedicate my work in commission of that demanding task.

ART resp. pictures „enter“ through our eyes spontaniously our consciousness and have an impact on our mind. That is why art is predestinated for communicating complex visual messages, which release vivid imprints in our subconsciousness.

ART acts in an intuitive and direct way. My works are fotografies found in the direct surrounding of the exhibition context. By isolating visual „bits and bites“ out of the context and by enlarging the found „pieces“, there happens an innovative moment of perception. With increasing awearness details in a room will be recognised, which – as an abstract fotografie – appear on canvas in an aestetical form as something completely new.

the HOTEL is a metaphor for our timely limited stay on earth. We are only guests...

As "hotel manager" i transform the visitors of my peacearthotels in participants of an expedition, which, once begun, continues as a lifelong learning experience in awareness.

casual, fading appearances of light and shadow, colour, points, lines and surfaces make visual perception to an emotional excursion, to a multilayered expedition, which – by the way – sharpens eyes and awareness.

The „BLUES of Viewing“ is a form of art – a form of peace!