ruth gschwendtner-wölfle

1950 born in Augsburg /moved via Kaufbeuren, München and Dillingen to Vorarlberg, where she has lived since 1986/ Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich / worked on fine art in Bavaria, Austria and Liechtenstein with young people and adults / 16 years of experience on stage as a singer in the bavarian cabaret group „The Mehlprimeln“, (concerts together with Dieter Hildebrandt)

Elaboration and guidance of EU - cooperation projects (Socrates, Grundtvig) / book publishing / personal development from visual poetry via art performance, room and landscape installations up to abstract photographie („found painting“ / „peinture trouvé“).

Continuous art work with exhibitions from 1976 to 2016.
Since 2001 more and more theoretically focussed on visual perception, increasingly specified on peace related works.
Since 2008 running her own artsalon (
Since 2010 board member of